Maternity Department
The Maternity Department of AL Rasheed Hospital is one of the busiest maternity centre of Old Bhopal City with the deleveries exceeds 200 per year. A large number of these patients are underprivileged and have limited resources to avail of quality health care which is beyond the reach of a common man. Many of the referred cases are complicated high risk pregnancies and the department is well equipped to handle such cases along with the neonatal intensive care unit attached to the department. 
Gynaecology clinic of AL Rasheed Hospital is conducted every day except Sundays by the senior residents and consultants. Facilities for special consultations are available every day morning and evening. Special high risk pregnancy clinics are held once a week by medical specialists but can be done on requirment and need.
Clinic Facilities
·Daily general antenatal clinics
·Special high risk clinics running weekly to cater to highly complicated pregnancies.
·Specialists' clinic (Pvt OPD) available daily morning and evening.
·Daily Clinics attending to gynaecological problems.
·Weekly HRT Clinics to focus on problems of post menopausal women.
·Two free clinics every week for the poor patients.
·Round the clock emergency services to attend to any obstetric or gynaecological emergency.

Labour and Delivery 
·Well Staffed and fully equipped labour room with facilities of electonic fetal heart monitoring during labour.
·Facility of painless delivery using epidural analgesia.
·Excellent neonatal care back up with fully equipped neonatal intensive care unit.

Gynaec. Surgery Facilities 
·Fully equipped operation theatres.
·All major and minor gynaecological surgeries.
·Laparoscopic and hysteroscopy gynaecological surgeries.
·Excellent post op care and ICU back up.
·24hrs supporting blood bank facility with availability of blood and blood components.

Our team here is committed to provide the best possible support before, during and after labour and we are delighted that we have recently added ten new midwives to support the increasing numbers of women choosing to have their babies with us.

Our Philosophy of Care
Our key aim is to support our Patoents to have the best possible birth experience and to help ensure having a healthy baby. 

We know that every woman, baby and family is unique and will have different needs depending on their own circumstances. We want to work in partnership to help every woman achieve the experience which is right for them. As far as Al Rasheed Hospital is concerned, everyone in our team is committed to treat people with kindness, understanding and dignity and will respect the privacy, religious and cultural beliefs of families. We do our best to be very clear in our communication between healthcare professionals, women and their family members to help you feel like you are actively involved in decision making in your overall care. 
Post-Delivery Care Tailored to Meet Your and Your Baby’s Needs
·Care that meets your individual needs
·Answers to your questions and help for you and your new baby
·Support for keeping your baby at your bedside to promote bonding
·Personalized care

Our team members include:
·Nurses experienced in caring for new mothers and babies. 
·Breastfeeding Support Centre 
·Space for Spiritual activities.
We provide quick, 24-hour access to pediatric hospitalists, high-risk obstetricians, anesthesiologists, neonatologists and a full range of related medical services which you or your baby require.

Al Rasheed Maternity Rooms
Our Maternity Unit has 30+ beds that are in a mix of private rooms and semi-private rooms, based on medical necessity and availability. All rooms feature:

·Free wireless Internet access for your laptop or mobile device
·Flat-screen televisions

What to Expect
Your medical team will visit you and your baby throughout the day so we can address any medical needs or questions you may have.

·Daily medical rounds. Our Doctors, Nurses and health care team will come and check on you as needed.
·Nursing shift changes. Our nurses change shifts at 7 am and 7 pm. Each new nurse will come to talk to you, answer your questions, and conduct a physical assessment on both you and your baby.
·Pain management is an important aspect of our care. Your health care team will assess your pain management needs and develop an individualized plan, as needed.
·Pediatrician. The pediatrician you select will visit you and your baby daily.
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