General Surgery
Surgeons at Al Rasheed Hospital are experts in the surgical treatment in a variety of areas.
General Surgery Advantages

·Timely appointments for new patients - typically, just one pre-op visit is needed for elective surgeries
·Same-day office visits for emergencies/urgencies with an office triage nurse Monday-Saturday for any calls or appointments
·Direct surgeon access via pagers 24/7 for questions, consultations or help with a workup
·Pathology results typically within two days
·Same-day radiology and mammography reports
·Prompt and continual patient progress reports   

Goals of Department of Surgery:

Consistent with Al Rasheed Hospital’s mission, we provide care for all regardless of ability to pay. We accomplish this by utilizing our resources effectively and assisting patients in obtaining health benefits when available. The Department of Surgery at Al Rasheed Hospital, We are leaders in providing services to patients with complex health problems, and we recognize our role in coordinating the patient’s care across the continuum of care. The goals of our department are:

(1) To promote wellness and healthy lifestyles.
(2) To assist every patient in achieving his/her highest functional capacity.
(3) To minimize acute episodes of chronic disease by providing access to appropriate levels of service.
(4) To minimize utilization of the emergency room for conditions that can be diagnosed and managed in an outpatient setting.
(5) To achieve the highest standard for ambulatory care services through ongoing monitoring, systematic review and improvement of the delivery of patient care.
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