Medicine Department
Hospital Medicine is an expanding area of general internal medicine practiced by hospitalists (medical professional), who are physicians dedicated to the care of hospitalized patients. This Division of Hospital Medicine is committed to providing excellent patient care through the practice of compassionate and evidence based medicine. We serve the hospital by working collaboratively with other medical professionals and by fostering a culture of safety with a focus on quality improvement. We are dedicated to the professional development.

Al Rasheed Hospital Patient Care System
Al Rasheed Hospital is expert in providing care for the hospitalized patient.It is our goal to provide excellent care from the time of admission to the transition back to the outpatient setting. We are experts in how hospitals work, so we are able to coordinate care from the minute a patient arrives at the hospital to the time of discharge. We coordinate all aspects of care, including ordering of tests, consulting with specialists, and communicating with primary care physicians to provide patients seamless care. In addition to our patient care responsibilities, hospitalists hold positions of leadership within the hospital.
At Al Rasheed Hospital, Hospitalists are present in 24/7 to ensure patients receive the best care. A Hospitalist may be assigned to care for a patient admitted to the hospital with one or more medical problems. At Al Rasheed Hospital, Hospitalists have an expertise in perioperative care, so a surgeon may consult with a hospitalist to ensure that a patient receives the highest quality of care before and after surgery.
At Al Rasheed Hospital, Hospitalists work in conjunction with medical residents, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to provide comprehensive medical assessments and treatments to patients with a variety of medical conditions. They collaborate with surgical and medical specialists to provide state-of-the-art care to patients with specialized needs. They coordinate care with outpatient primary care physicians and other providers to create safe and efficient transitions to other care settings.
The Hospital Medicine Division currently has 10 full and part-time hospitalists (medical professional) who make more than 33,000 visits annually to patients at Strong Memorial Hospital.
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