The Department of Urology offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for adult and pediatric urological conditions. Urinary incontinence is treated through pharmacologic and surgical means. Expert surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation therapists cooperate in the treatment of urological problems.

Pediatric Urology
The practice of pediatric urology is dedicated to the care of infants and children with genitourinary problems. Pediatric urologic conditions are very different than those of adults. As with pediatric surgery, specialized training and experience enables the pediatric urologist to quickly recognize and treat complex conditions while minimizing invasive tests and procedures. At Al Rasheed Hospital, our experience has shown that specialization not only lessens surgical complications, but also allows many children to avoid surgery.

About Al Rasheed Hospital trained staff
All of our experienced staff has years of general adult and pediatric urology surgeries. Our pediatric urologists are specially trained in minimally-invasive, laparoscopic and microscopic surgery.

Our Program
Al Rasheed Hospital Pediatric Urology Department has been designed specifically for the care of infants and children. From the waiting room to the staff, the clinic is prepared to make parents and children comfortable. Voiding dysfunction old female patients to young girls benefit from the extra attention of a nurse practitioner trained in pediatric urology.

Common Conditions
·Hernias and hydroceles
·Sexual ambiguity
·Vesico-ureteral reflux
·Urinary tract infections
·Pre- and postnatal kidney anomalies
·Neurogenic bladder

About our care
Most surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis. Patients requiring kidney or bladder surgery usually require only a one to two-day hospitalization. When reconstructive surgery is needed pediatric urologists prefer to operate during the patient's first year of life when children recover more quickly and are more easily cared for by the parents. Early referral is important for optimal care and results.

Specialty Clinics
·Disorders of Sexual Differentiation (DSD) Clinic
·Pediatric Kidney Stone Clinic
·Spina Bifida Clinic
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