Nutrition and Dietetics
A Dietitian is a Health Professional who is qualified to give accurate advice & information on all aspects of nutrition and diet.  All Dietitians have a scientific and medical background that enables them to give nutritional advice that is specific to the individual and their medical condition.

Nutrition & Dietetic Service
The Nutrition and Dietetic Department at AL Rasheed Hospital consists of dietitians, a nutrition nurse specialist and administrative staff and is a dynamic and friendly department offering personalized services to help treat and manage ill health. We also play a key role in health promotion and offer support and advice to people with long term health conditions. We see patients on hospital wards, in outpatient clinics and in the community.
We run a number of outpatient clinics and would be able to provide nutritional advice on a range of issues/ conditions such as overweight/ obesity, underweight, food intolerance, gastro-intestinal illness, allergy, pre & post operative nutritional issues, heart disease, diabetes and artificial nutrition.
We have dietitians who have specialised in particular areas and work with the multi-professional teams. These include the following specialist areas: paediatrics, oncology, critical illness, surgery, Type 1 and type 2 Diabetes, Gastro, home enteral tube feeding and intermediate care.
When patient admitted to Al Rasheed hospital and have difficulty eating or require a special diet or nutrition advice, the dietitian would assess your current intake, ask you questions about your medical and dietary background and will be able to provide tailored advice appropriate to your condition. The dietitian will also be happy to liaise with hospital catering staff to ensure you are able to meet your nutritional needs whilst in hospital.

Al Rasheed Hospital also provide training to hospital and community staff on a range of nutrition topics and would be happy to discuss any specific training needs.


The department aim and objectives are outlined below:
· Aim to provide a high quality Nutrition and Dietetic Service to Patients, Professionals, Carers and the Community of North East Essex.
· To be the source of reliable evidence based nutrition information.
· To train and empower others in the delivery of the best nutritional care.
· To heighten awareness through consistent nutritional messages enabling the local community to improve their health and well being.
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