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Especially since we have the reach, the depth, and of course the pedigree to bring you the finest care our vision for the future, however, rests on a very simple principle – it is the belief that the quality of healthcare you have access to, surely, is the quality of your life. It is the bigger picture that matters, and so that is the direction we are committing all our explorations to.

We believe our every patient have unique needs and should be recovered without further illness and injuries. With the support of the community and through our spirit of inquiry we will prevent, treat and eliminate paediatric disease.

Over the last few years, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of what it will take to thrive going forward. Our strategic plan is the product of what we learned and will direct our growth for the next coming years.

our vision for the future is clear: we want to be the best hospital in fields of Maternity  and Child Care. Our founding promise is to care for every child in our region who needs us, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

We are looking at long-range plans to best accommodate the services we should provide to our community as an acute care hospital organization

Our aim is to Provide:

1.       The safest, most effective care possible

2.       Control and reduce the cost of providing care

3.       Find cures and educate clinicians and researchers

4.       Grow responsibly and provide access to specially every child and mother who needs medical facilities

Based on our current strategic plan, AL Rasheed Hospital already acquired ISO Certification and initiated the work plan to include a new ground floor for Gynalogy Ward including a two-story fully equipped private wards, an exterior rooftop terrace with cafeteria, to introduce special medical aids (at best minimum package) which can be crafted as per the regular need of child and maternity care. Clean and Healthy Environment at hospital premises. 24X7 Monitoring and Personal care.

The Al Rasheed Hospital 2015 Master Plan.

A long-range facilities plan and a clinical services plan is a strategic focus of Al Rasheed Hospital since 2012 and our 2015 Strategic Plan to help determine what Al Rasheed Hospital will be in the future and to help create a sustainable future.

Major Work Areas:

·        Enable IT within our Hospital to provide more reliable and fast service to patients also it help in connecting Staff (Doctors, Consultants), Management and Patients all together to provide all the expected support to patients, community and society across the world.

·         Creating facility of Doctors Consultations across the world through our IT Enabled infrastructure and service.

·         To develop collaboration with other well known medical volunteers, foundation agencies and representatives, and community health care societies to provide best medical facility

·         Reflects more dynamic health care facilities for the community.

·         Includes review and analysis of integration opportunities and transitioning in field of Health Care and Maternity Services.

We also wish more and more volunteers and medical agencies/professionals to join us on our journey

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